Comenius 2012 – 2014 (arhiv)


Dear colleagues,

although quite some time has passed from our last comenius project, we are proud to inform you, that the project

»Fun around fashion with ecological passion« won  

1st placeas the winning comenius project in Slovenia.

At the gala awards for the best projects in context of the lifelong learning programme, our school got the first award –



That’s the biggest achievement an institution can get for a quality, creative and inovative international project.

We’d like to congratulate all of you and ourselves, who created the project!

We’re very happy and proud to know that the project was really great. This was the second international award after the title

“Star project”, which we received in Germany.

We want to acknowledge you all with the great memories of our cooperation in years 2012 – 2014.

Marjetka, Majda, Riko

COMENIUS 2012 – 2014 –  ”STAR PROJECT”

Our project: Fun around Fashion with Ecological Passion


Bad Düben – GERMANY

Sosnowiec – POLAND



During the realisation of our project we are going to deal with the following issues:
-Getting to know each partner´s school system, culture, family, daily routine, religion, etc.
– Using of recycled material in general
– Designing fashion costumes by using “rubbish” (Best costume competition)
– Making these pieces of clothes from wood, paper, plastic, metal etc.
– Creating a stage, decorations for the fashion shows (used old furniture and building material)
– Performance and presentation in mixed groups in English
– Multicultural programme eg. songs, dances etc focused on environmental issues (if possible self written poems, essays etc.)
– Activities in our regions to make people aware of environmental issues -spots, commercials encouraging people to recycle
-Making questionnaires (among parents and students), articles on the Internet and  in local newspapers, photo exhibitions
in the townhall and in schools, hospitals etc.
– Sending messages about reducing pollution by using air balloons
– Organising a  bike tour, organising “CLEARING-UP DAY” ,taking photos of polluted areas or collecting rubbish to show the
– Making an information folder for all participants to document school activities
– Making funny bins with environmentally-friendly messages on them
– Language contest e.g. crosswords, language puzzles using special vocabulary
– Shooting a film
– Organising a jumble sale on one particular day at each school
– Common  web page  on facebook




No. Approx. date Description
1 September 2012 Presenting the ideas of the project to the students, students´ parents and the teaching staff. Creating a ´Comenius corner´, questionnaires to students´ parents. Collecting ideas for costumes and decorations.
2 October 2012 First meeting in Germany, creating multilateral groups composed by teachers and students. Self- presentations of schools, visiting the company “Stora-Enso” dealing with recycling, making costumes from recycled paper, questionnaires´ results.
3 November 2012 Making an information folder, posters about our project.
Collecting the materials which will be included in the film (during the project realisation).
4 December 2012 Opening the web page. Organising a jumble sale at all partner schools.
5 Januar 2013 Collecting ideas about the stage and decoration needed for the fashion show- competition.
6 February 2013 Announcing the winner and planning the event.
7 March 2013 Preparing for the next meeting, collecting materials for funny bins and environmentally-friendly messages.
8 April 2013 Meeting in Poland, presenting the ideas, creating the bins in mixed groups, organising language contest
9 May 2013 Organising the bike tour, taking photos of polluted areas. Evaluation of the first year activities.
Preparing a photo exhibition .Making shirts with Comenius logo on them.
10 September 2013 Organising `The Clearing up Day´.
11 October 2013 Meeting in Lithuania  , making a radio show  announcing the balloon messages. Sending messages by using air balloons about reducing pollution.
12 November 2013 Making a film about environmental problems.
13 December 2013 Preparing  the final fashion and multicultural  show (dances, songs etc.)
14 January 2014 Continuing the work on the final fashion show (making clothes, stage decorations).
15 February 2014 Exchanging photos and the results of work on facebook, project web page.
16 March 2014 Preparing the final meeting and fashion show /Evaluation
17 April 2014 Final  multicultural show / performance  in Maribor/Slovenia. Organising Eco Robot Modelling Show.


Dear students, teachers, principals and parents,

Everything began with an adventurous train journey from Bad Düben to Sosnowiec, Marianne ( our recently retired English teacher) and me experienced a strange and funny trip on a privately- run railway!

In Sosnowiec we got into touch with our future Comenius partners and we put down the “corner stone” for our common project:” Fun around Fashion with Ecological Passion”

Two years of great experience are over now.

Let’s remember the first Comenius meeting in Bad Düben in autumn 2012.Students and teachers were looking forward to travelling to Germany. Together we visited Bad Düben and the company “Stora Enso” in Eilenburg. There we made suits and dresses of recycled paper and prepared our first fashion show.

We got to know each other better .Our excursions to Leipzig and Berlin, including a visit to the German Bundestag provided an insight into the German culture.

In April 2013 we were cordially welcomed in Sosnowiec. We spent wonderful days in Poland. We got to know Polish people and places, worked together on environmental issues, made jewellery of recycled material which was exhibited in a gallery in the city of Sosnowiec. Unforgettable are the trips to Krakau, the sightseeing in Sosnowiec and the excursion to the salt mine in Bochnia. That was fantastic.

The third journey in September 2013 took us to Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital city. Here we spent a wonderful week. Our programme included a workshop to prepare the “ecoshow”, excursions to companies, sightseeing in Vilnius and a trip to Trakai. We also made pictures of natural material. Our products were introduced to Lithuanian students and parents in a show. It was a meeting full of events.

Now we arrived here, at our last destination, in Slovenia.

We were hearty met in Maribor on Monday. Then we had a guided tour at the school, we practised for the final performance and learned a lot about Maribor. Various activities teamed all participants.

And we are looking forward to our trip on Thursday to get to know the Slovenian culture.

And do not forget the common website created by our Slovenian partners who  keeps records of all our activities, do not forget the gorgeous video clips about our project meetings created by our Polish colleagues or the radio interview organised by our Lithuanian partners., or.. or.. or.. ( and so on and so far)Those are all highlights of our Comenius work.

I certainly could mention even more facts but most important is: Within the last two years we have become real friends! And everybody realised: The future of our students is a European one. In other words:  We are Europe.

Thanks to all partners for the fantastic time together. I will keep our meetings in good memory!

I hope we will stay in touch and develop new project ideas together!

I say:

Dziekuje ! Ačiū! Hvala! Danke! Thank you!


Petra Wolle


Liebe slowenische Schüler, Lehrer, Eltern und Schulleiter

Wir möchten uns bei Euch allen für die Vorbereitung und Durchführung des Comeniusabschlusstreffens vom 19.-23.05.2014 bedanken.

Wir hatten eine traumhafte Woche, konnten unsere Projektarbeiten präsentieren und fuhren mit vielen schöne Erlebnissen im Gepäck nach Hause!

Die Zusammenarbeit mit allen Partnerschulen war sehr erfolgreich.

Vielen Dank, liebe Freunde!

Anne, Lea, Patrick, Marvin, Florian, Petra Wolle und Schulleiter Herr Schuster


Dragi slovenski dijaki, učitelji, starši in ravnateljica!

Želimo se vam zahvaliti za pripravo in izvedbo zaključne prireditve od 19.-23.05.2014.

Imeli smo sanjski teden. Izvedli smo predstavitev našega dela in se domov odpeljali z veliko lepimi doživetji.

Sodelovanje z vsemi partnerskimi šolami je bilo zelo uspešno.

Najlepša hvala, dragi prijatelji!

Anne, Lea, Patrick, Marvin, Florian, Petra Wolle in ravnatelj gospod Schuster